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University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Aquarius Outdoor Amphitheater

Spring 2021

Director: Mollye Maxner

Scenic Designers: Erin Morales & Melissa Owens

Lighting Designer: Wheeler Moon

Sound Designers: Ian Vespermann, John Schrillo, Lance Pearl, Ryan Anderson, & Nick Teeter

Pod Artists: Abel Brone-Hammer, Pablo Gonzalez, Carew Henry, Jules Lightbeam Mangus, Erin Morales, & Melissa Owens

Wig & Makeup Designer: Suyan Zeng

Costume Designer: Sara Petty

Props Director: Natalie Carney

Technical Director: Ana Perez Aguilera

Production Manager: Keenan Van Name

Production Stage Manager: Kate Baxter

Assistant Lighting Designer: Frankie Stiehl-Guerra

Production Electrician: Mac McClary

Head Electrician: Harrison Marcus

Photo Credits: Marina Zurita & Eric Hill

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