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Photo by Gisela Estrada
Photo by Rosalie O'Connor
Photo by Gisela Estrada

University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Stevens Center

Spring 2022

From the Spring Dance 2022 Concert.

Choreographer: Gina Patterson

Scenic Designer: Gisela Estrada

Lighting Designer: Frankie Stiehl-Guerra 

Costume Designer: Marissa McCullough

Sound Designer: Grayson Moreno

Props Director: Mahalet Andargachew

Technical Director: Bill Volz

Scenic Paint Charge: Susan Crabtree & Patti Mondana

Production Manager: Liz Stewart

Production Stage Manager: Jillian McDaniels

Assistant Lighting Designer: Andrew Beauregard

Production Electrician: George Meltzer

Head Electrician: Izzy Flores

Programmer: Haley Burdette

Deck Electricians: Harrison Marcus & Evie Nootenboom

Spot Ops: Sage Green & Eric Hill

Original Score: Jordan Brooke Hamlin

Sound Editing: Eric Midgley

Photography: Gisela Estrada & Rosalie O'Connor

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